1. Choosing and Selecting Your Site

2.a) Layout with Gravel Ring

2.b) Layout with Concrete Piers

2.c) Layout with Insulated Concrete Form

3. The Foundation Wall

4. Sub-units Assembly

5. The Growing Dome Structure

6. Anchoring the Growing Dome and Installing Vents

7. Snowshed Doorway Stage 1

8. Foundation Wall Trim Strips

9. The Glazing and Bottom Caps

10. Vent Installation Stage 2

11. Snowshed Doorway Stage 2

12. Taping and The Optional Metal Glazing Strips Kit

13. Reflectix and Foundation Wall Insulation

14. Foundation Wall Liner and Drip Edge Option

15. Above Ground Pond Stage 1

16. Above Ground Pond Stage 2

17. Central Air System and Solar Panel(s)

18. Solar Cooling Fan Option

19. The Shade Cloth

20. Perimeter Skirt Option