Growing Dome Owner Resources

Over the years, we at Growing Spaces have put together a huge amount of resources to help owners. For a complete guide, please download our Growing Dome Owner’s Manual.

The Growing Dome is certainly a new venture for most people and our dedication is to help dome owners succeed in any way we can. These resources range from You Tube Gardening Videos, Gardening Classes, a Planting Calender to useful after market products and Maintenance tips. Over the past four years we have put up well over 100 videos on our

YouTube Channel

These include videos from other Growing Dome owners as well as gardening hints and tips from Growing Spaces.

Some of the topics include:

  • Spring seed sowing
  • Transplanting
  • Thinning your crops
  • Creating a forest garden
  • Hand pollination

Growing Spaces Online Blog

contains a wealth of information if you prefer to read rather than watch videos.

You are very welcome to post on our blog and add comments; we intend it to be a comprehensive resource for all

Subjects of study include:Growing Spaces Group pics 006

  • Winter harvesting
  • Maximizing food production
  • To heat or not to heat
  • Summer cooling
  • Aquatic plants

Online classes

are available for purchase. These are a great investment as they last as long as six hours and are very comprehensive. topics include:

  • What to Plant When, Where, and Why
  • Forest Gardens inside the Growing Dome
  • Expanding the Potential of the Growing Dome Water Garden
  • Maintaining the Growing Dome Environment
  • Encircling the Growing Dome greenhouse growing classeswith an Outdoor Garden

Facebook Growing Dome Owners forum:

Join the discussions and reap the benefit of the experiences of other Growing Dome owners from across the nation.

We also have a comprehensive Growing Dome Owners calender

As well as a Guide to transplanting

We also have a comprehensive maintenance section on this website, as well as access to replacement parts and accessories to enhance your Growing Dome.

We wish you many years of gardening pleasure. You are welcome to call us at 800 753 9333!

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