How to Install Greenhouse Replacement Parts

for your Growing Dome Greenhouse

To order your greenhouse replacement parts or to determine what parts you might need, please call us at 800-753-9333.

Growing Spaces is located in Pagosa Springs, CO and has been in business since 1989. We are here to help you maintain your Growing Dome so that you can get many years of enjoyment from it. We help you by troubleshooting issues by phone and offering replacement parts for any portion of the kit you might need. We also have skilled technicians that can walk you through the repairs by phone or that you can hire to come to your greenhouse to do the work for you. Contact us for more information.

Re-taping Your Growing Dome (PDF)
Here we offer instructions for how to increase the longevity of the clear, aircraft tape that comes standard to seal any Growing Dome Kit. If you purchased the Metal Glazing Strips these instructions will no apply to you. We recommend checking the tape annually and making any small repairs needed. Anywhere from 5-10 years from installation of your greenhouse, you will likely need to re-tape your entire greenhouse. These instructions walk you through how to do that. The lifetime of the aircraft tape will depend on local climatic conditions. The lifetime of the tape will be shorter at a high elevation in a sunny place because of the increased UV exposure.

Water Tank Liner Replacement (PDF)
In initially installing the water tank liner that comes with your Growing Dome greenhouse kit, we take a number of precautions to protect the liner. One of these precautions is putting a sand base underneath the liner. Regardless, sometimes accidents happen and the water tank liner gets a hole and leaks. To prevent these accidents we strongly recommend minimal walking on the liner and prevention of contact of heavy or sharp objects with the liner. Often owners are trying to place cinder blocks in the tank to prop up potted water plants such as lilies or lotus and they accidentally drop the blocks onto the bottom. This is the most common way we see the liner punctured.


Bayliss Piston Replacement