A narrative of life changes over 50 years for Michael, Udgar, Snips Parsons

Seems incredible looking back as what has happened since graduation in 1965portrait


Primary fellowship FDS at Lincolns Inn Fields in London

Diploma in Dental Orthopedics at The University of Glasgow

Oct 67 Left UK for a 6 month trip via Iceland, then through North, Central and South America with Tess Percy.

We got married in British Honduras (now Belize) in Jan 1968

Arrived back in UK May 68, no money no job nowhere to live no transport. Wife 7 months pregnant.

Within a week had all needs met, and within less than 2 months had a healthy baby boy (David)

Became a vegetarian and remained so for 7 years.

September 1998 bought the ‘bule (ambulance) from the group and set off to find a commune somewhere.

Found a group of dropout families on a remote peninsula in Northern Scotland (Scorraig) and was invited to live there, being given a house on 28 acres of land.

Moved there in Jan 1969 ( had to cycle in along a 5 mile track round the side of the mountain as the loch was too stormy to cross and there was no road).

scoraig oldScorag view

Second child born in October 1969 Heather

Lived the Crofting life for 9 years No electricity, no road, no phone, grew most of our own food, had cows, horses, ducks chickens and goats. No sheep, though.

Oh yes, a third child in 1973 Nick, to complete the family.

However I did not forsake dentistry and would do a locum for a couple of months every year to make it financially, and keep my hand in, Tess has lots of pictures of that era, but sadly, I have few.old boatpanorama

1977 Scorraig era came to an end, we moved to Edinburgh and I resumed dentistry for about 3 years.

Became known as the “Alternative Dentist” of Edinburgh, through the use of Hypnosis, Acupressure anaesthesia, headphones, nitrous oxide . Very fun.

Life next took our whole family to live in a Spiritual commune in Poona, India where I became a disciple of an enlightened master who gave me the name Deva Udgar  (Divine Expression).

rajneesh_chandra_mohan_communeOur Family lived there for a year until Osho left Poona for a destination unknown.

In June 1979 we bought a year long round the world ticket and spent that year traveling from India to Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia where we spent 6 months, New Zealand, 3 months, did locums in both places, thence via Fiji to Los Angeles.

We then were invited to live in a new commune in Antelope, Oregon, where we spent 5 years.


osho066  rajneeshpuram 1DC3





There I worked for 3 years as an Aircraft mechanic, we had a fleet of 3 DC3’s, a convair and and Islander, plus a helicopter.

I then worked in the bank and a Burger and Fries Cafe.

There, my first wife, Tess and I split up, and I met my second wife, and love of my life, Puja.

The commune folded in October 1995, and so I was back in the world, no job, no money, but I did have a beat up Chevvy truck ………. and a family.

After a rocky re-entry into normal society, I ended up living in Aspen, Colorado (playground of the wealthy) with Puja and my son , Nick. By this time, at the age of 17 and 18 my 2 eldest had flown the nest and were independent, David as a carpenter, and Heather as a very well paid waitress.

For the next 10 years I worked as a Bus Driver, Car Mechanic, Carpenter, Landscape Gardener, Handyman, Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist as well as starting a company, Growing Spaces to build geodesic Greenhouse kits.

Puja and I got married in 1994, and we moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado in 1995, where we continue to have numerous adventures.20100704 112 kelpie w ww island CIMG0157 CIMG0138

I have pretty well focused on that for the last 20 years, building it into a profitable venture employing about 20 people. We have Growing Domes in every State of the USA and 14 countries, as far away a New Zealand,

I also have over 60 videos on my You tube channel and we have a great following on Facebook.greenhouse-growing-history-udgar

Anyway I look forward to many more adventures, and look forward to connecting with some of my former Dental School alumni when I am next in Europe